Connect to WhatsApp through Twilio!

Query Vary’s WhatsApp Integration seamlessly blends prompt testing with the ease of mobile communication services. Thus allowing you to collaborate with your teammates and optimize workflows in a streamlined manner.

Note: To use the WhatsApp Integration feature, you must have a Twilio account. If you do not have one, you can create one here

Follow these simple steps to start integrating your template with WhatsApp:

Sandbox Mode

  1. Create and save a Playground on Query Vary then click on Compare Prompts and navigate to the Integrations tab
Query Vary - Playground to Integrations Screen

Query Vary - Playground to Integrations Screen

  1. Open your Twilio account, then copy the Account SID and Auth Token and paste them on the respective fields on the Query Vary WhatsApp Integration pop up menu
Twilio - Account Screen

Twilio - Account Screen

  1. Navigate back to the Twilio page and click on Develop > Messaging > Try It Out > Send a WhatsApp Message. You will then be brought to the Twilio WhatsApp sandbox
  2. In the Sandbox, copy the WhatsApp phone number that appears and paste it into the Query Vary WhatsApp Integration pop up menu
  3. After all the fields are filled on Query Vary, click on the Connect button and copy the Twilio callback URL that will appear
Query Vary - Whatsapp Integration Screen (Connected)

Query Vary - WhatsApp Integration Screen (Connected)

  1. In the Sandbox, scan the QR code that appears using your phone and send the join code as a message in the WhatsApp account that will appear after the QR code is scanned.
Twilio - Whatsapp Sandbox Screen

Twilio - WhatsApp Sandbox Screen

  1. Finally, click on Sandbox Settings at the top and paste the URL that you copied from Query Vary into the first text field labelled “When a message comes in“ Also ensure that the method selected is “Post"
Twilio - Whatsapp Sandbox Settings Screen

Twilio - WhatsApp Sandbox Settings Screen

And that’s it! You’re now ready to test your prompt template on WhatsApp.

You can also invite others to try out the WhatsApp prompt template by asking them to chat with your Twilio WhatsApp phone number.

Production Mode

  1. Once you have tested in the Sandbox, you can have your business profile approved by WhatsApp by filling out the Twilio WhatsApp request form
  2. After your business profile has been approved, you can connect your business profile with Twilio and start messaging users.
  3. Follow the same steps listed above in the Sandbox Mode guide except you will need to navigate to Develop > Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp Senders.
Twilio - WhatsApp Senders Screen

Twilio - WhatsApp Senders Screen

  1. Click on your phone number at the bottom and paste the URL from Query Vary in the Endpoint Configuration at the Webhook URL for Incoming Messages text field and click Save
Twilio - WhatsApp Senders Endpoint Configuration

Twilio - WhatsApp Senders Endpoint Configuration

What’s Next

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