Claude 3

This page details the different Claude-3 models and their capabilities.


Opus is the most intelligent of the Claude-3 models. It surpasses almost all of its peers in AI benchmarks. Opus provides strong abilities in areas such as analysis, forecasting, sophisticated content creation, code production, and multilingual communication. Despite having similar speeds to its predecessors, Opus exhibits a significantly superior level of intelligence, making it the go-to option for high-performance tasks that involve a high degree of complexity.

For complex embeddings and tasks, we highligly recommend Opus.


The Claude 3 Sonnet balances speed and intelligence, making it a cost-efficient choice for enterprise tasks. It surpasses the Claude 2 and 2.1 in performance, catering to high-demand AI deployments with swift responses in information retrieval and sales automation. Built for durability in large-scale operations, it delivers precise and dependable generative AI solutions across multiple applications.


The Claude 3 Haiku offers unrivaled speed and cost-efficiency in its intelligence class, ideal for immediate tasks like customer service or content moderation. It swiftly and accurately processes dense documents and visuals, facilitating AI interactions close to human ones. Compact and affordable, Haiku delivers smart, rapid solutions for diverse applications.

We recommend Haiku for companies looking for a quick model with smaller and simple embeddings